New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known as the Granite State because so much granite lies under its ground. Granite is a very hard rock used for buildings and monuments. FLAG


New Hampshire has a beautiful seacoast, lakes, mountains, and a lot of wilderness that attracts many visitors. Service industries provide the largest part of New Hampshire's total value of goods and services produced in the state in a year. Manufacturing is also important. Manufacturing is more important in New Hampshire than farming, mining, or logging. Factories in some New Hampshire cities make computers, electrical equipment, and scientific instruments. MOUNTAIN,FACTORY


Mountains, coastline, rivers and lakes. RIVER


New Hampshire has cool summers with low humidity. In winter, heavy snow falls in much of the state. SNOW, CLOUD


New Hampshire was first settled in 1623. Early settlers traded in fish, lumber, and furs. They soon carved farms out of a wilderness and worked the land for food. Later, the people turned their skills and their state's resources to industrial development. They cut down trees for the giant lumber and papermaking industries. They took minerals from the mountains and hills to start a mining industry. They used the rivers and lakes as sources of power for mills and factories. And they built ships along the state's short Atlantic coastline. In all, the people of New Hampshire changed a wilderness into a farming society and then into a thriving industrial state. FOREST, MOUNTAIN


Many of New Hampshire's people are descendants of settlers who came from Canada and many European countries. The early settlers of New Hampshire came mostly from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Today, New Hampshire's largest population groups include people of Irish, English, French, French-Canadian, German, and Italian descent. African Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans together account for less than 5 percent of New Hampshire's population. MAP
The people of New Hampshire, like other New Englanders, have long been called Yankees.

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