Harriet Tubman

By:Sierra Ghougasian


Harriet Tubman was born a slave around 1820, In Dorchester County, Maryland.

Harriet Tubman's name at birth was Araminta Ross, but changed her name to her mothers name Harriet.

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery in 1849, but was forced to leave behind her husband, John, her parents and the rest of her family.

Even though Harriet was a child she was forced to work.

Harriet heard she getting sold so she fled to Philadelphia

Harriet also as called Mosses or Minty because of her real name Araminta

Historical Significance

The first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war. She guided the raid on the Combahee River which gave freedom to more than seven hundred slaves.
Harriet Tubman became a conductor on the Underground Railroad and led 300 slaves to freedom.

She also served as a scout, spy, and nurse in the Civil War.


Harriet worked with John Brown. John Brown also thought slavery was wrong. They would help to try to stop slavery any way they could.
She later helped John Brown rescue men for his raid in Harpers Ferry, and in the post-war era fought for women's freedom.John Brown was a fierce oppoment with slavery which sparked the civil war.John Brown met harriet and thought she was smart and brave.

After the War

Harriet Tubman spoke for the rights of women and African Americans, helped make the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church, and set up a home for indigent aged African Americans.

End of Life

Harriet Tubman fought for a military pension (money for elderly), but was only able to win a widow's pension on account of her second husband's service.

When Harriet Tubman died, the people of Auburn buried her with full military honors.(honored like a soilder).