Frederick Douglass

By:Justin H.‚Äč


  1. Was born February 7 1817 in Tuckahoe Maryland
  2. His first name was Frederick Augustus Washington Baily
  3. Escaped slavery in 1838 then changed his name to Fredrick Douglass

Historical Significance

He wrote Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass


During the war Fredrick Douglass pressured Lincoln to abolish slavery.

Abraham Lincoln

In July 1863, Douglass met with Lincoln in the White House to redress the grievances that the black troops were suffering as second-class citizens. It was unheard of for a colored man to go to the White House with a grievance. But he had many influential friends and admirers in Washington, and Senators Sumner, Wilson, and Pomeroy; Secretary of the Treasury Chase, Assistant Secretary of War Dana all guaranteed safe passage into Lincoln,s presence. Senator Pomeroy introduced Douglass to the President and they soon found that they had much in common. The one had traveled a long hard path from the slave cabin of Maryland, and the other a thorny road from the scant and rugged life of Kentucky, to the high position of President. The one was too great to be a slave, and the other too noble to remain, in such a national crisis, a private citizen.

Early Life

End of Life/Family

After the War